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Abby & Caeli's Celebration of Love

On May 28, 2023, the JM Photography team had the honor of photographing Abby and Caeli's beautiful spring wedding at the Kylan Barn in Delmar, Maryland.

Abby wore a traditional, stunning emerald green velvet suit that perfectly complemented her vibrant personality. Caeli, exuding timeless elegance, wore a classic lace dress that added a touch of grace to the entire celebration.

Adding an extra layer of joy to the ceremony, the couple's beloved dogs, Doug and Penny, played an integral role in their special day. Walking down the aisle with the brides, Doug and Penny created heartwarming moments that will be cherished forever.

The ceremony itself was a celebration of love and inclusivity. After exchanging vows, Abby and Caeli walked down the aisle together, proudly waving LGBT flags as their friends and family erupted in cheers of support and excitement. It was a beautiful symbol of their commitment to each other and a testament to the love that surrounded them.

As the sun set on this magical day, Abby and Caeli took to the dance floor, each step illuminated by their light-up sneakers. The dance floor came alive with laughter, love, and the joy of two souls uniting in matrimony. JM Photography was there to capture every twirl, every smile, and every stolen glance, ensuring that these precious moments would be preserved for a lifetime.

The images from Abby and Caeli's wedding tell a story of love, acceptance, and the beauty of embracing one's true self. JM Photography is proud to have been part of this unforgettable day, immortalizing the unique and heartwarming details that made Abby and Caeli's wedding truly one of a kind.

To Abby and Caeli, may your journey together continue to be as vibrant and beautiful as the day you said, "I do." Cheers to a lifetime of love, laughter, and countless more adventures together!

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